Plastic Wrap and Moving

Stretch wrap, shrink wrap, plastic wrap—whatever you call it, it’s an essential product needed for moving your furniture and other belongings. The wrap only sticks to itself, protecting your furniture without any residue or stickiness.

How to wrap your belongings with plastic wrap

You can use stretch wrap many different ways when you move.

Some suggestions from our professional movers on how to use plastic wrap effectively:

  • Bundle any padding and insulation without having to use any adhesives or tape
  • Secure any cables, cords or wires and fasten them together and organized.
  • Roll any long items like rugs, rods, carpets and any other items that can be awkward to store or handle

How to use Stretch Wrap for Furniture

Wrapping your furniture in plastic wrap is a must during a move. Follow these directions to protect your belongings:

  • Make sure everything you’re going to wrap is clean.
  • Any couches, tables, or other types of large furniture should be disassembled. Wrapping your furniture when it’s disassembled is much easier when it is more compact. Not only is wrapping your furniture in plastic wrap easier, you’ll be able to move the disassembled furniture through tight spaces with much more ease!
  • Wrap any delicate fabrics and surfaces (like leather or antique wood) with paper or cloth padding before adding a layer of plastic wrap. The extra layer will help protect your furniture moisture issues, as well as adding additional protection. Wrap your corners with foam or cardboard too, for extra protection!
  • Secure drawers or doors with the wrap, then wrap the whole piece of furniture to make sure everything stays protected!

Should you order plastic wrap for you move?

The plastic wrap for moving isn’t quite the same as the kind you get at the grocery store. Make sure you get the plastic wrap specifically designed for moving. Not only is this kind of moving plastic wrap much stronger, it is also available in a variety of sizes! Contact us today to purchase plastic wrap and other moving supplies. We’re here if you have any questions about using your moving plastic wrap, or any other moving-related questions!

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