Pandemic Protection Procedures Keep You Safe

When it comes to moving across the country, physical contact is unavoidable. An interstate moving crew will have to touch your belongings to get them from point A to point B.

During the coronavirus situation, the idea of a moving crew showing up at your home might seem at odds with shelter-at-home orders and social-distancing guidelines. In reality, it’s probably just the opposite. Hiring an interstate mover during COVID-19 lessens your contact with others and helps safeguard you and your family.

How is that possible?

Safe and sound

A DIY move forces you to personally purchase packing paper, buy boxes and rent a truck. These activities increase the chances you’ll encounter contagious individuals and COVID-contaminated materials. Plus, you risk passing that exposure to friends and family who want to help you move for just the price of pizza and beverages.

But if you hire a member of the National Van Lines family of interstate-moving agents, such as Las Cruces Moving Storage, you not only lessen your physical burden, you leave packing, loading and unloading to relocation professionals trained to wear masks, use gloves, practice state-of-the-art hygiene and properly store materials, such as cardboard shipping boxes (capable of carrying coronavirus contamination for up to 24 hours).

Safely secured in your home until moving day, you’ve protected your family from unneeded risk. Also follow these tips so you know what to expect on moving day. You also can leave the driving to us by having us move your vehicle across the country.

Health homework

How do you know national moving companies are adhering to the current coronavirus-containing federal guidelines? Are all cross country moving companies practicing safe-moving techniques by following pandemic preventive practices as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

Search a company’s website, Facebook posts and tweets. Do they contain info about what steps that company has taken to protect you? Do their photos show drivers and moving-crew members masked and gloved? Is the company ready and willing to answer your safety questions?

Virtually amazing

Las Cruces Moving & Storage is working hard to help protect your health and well-being. We’ve adopted CDC’s guidelines, including monitoring the health of our office employees, in-home estimators, drivers and moving crews.

Your PERFECT solution

Until recently, it wasn’t unusual for an in-home estimator to visit your home to calculate how much your move across country would cost. Now, our online virtual survey system means no cost-of-moving estimators need visit your home. That’s not only convenient, it’s safe. Prefer a live person on the line? You can FaceTime with one of our experts in real time. Or call 877.590.2810 for answers to your questions.

The National Van Lines network of cross country moving companies is ready to prove We Make Moving Easy. When you search for a “moving company near me,” chances are you’ll find one of our agents in your vicinity ready to deliver social-distanced 5-star service.

Las Cruces Moving and Storage is the PERFECT solution for your business & personal moving needs. Moving cross-country? We’re here to help! From your FREE moving estimate to your move-in day, we’ll customize a move plan just for you. Our expert staff will take care of as little or as much packing as you like. We’ll also manage the pickup, transport, and delivery of your belongings.

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