There really is only one question to think about before you move in with your partner. Who gets to control the remote to the TV?

It’s a big issue to work through, but hardly one of the bigger questions you will be asking yourself over the next few weeks.

Living with a partner before marriage is a big step in your life, one that should be given a lot of thought so you don’t become a marriage statistic some day.

There are so many good things to think about when moving in together before marriage, like spending time with the one you love, paying only half the rent and having someone to share a meal with. But if you have never lived with someone before, there are many things to talk about with your partner before deciding.

While it may seem common these days to do a test run of the relationship before you get married, there are things to consider.

A new study by the Center for Disease Control that looks at the population found that by age 30, almost half the women in the United States have cohabitated outside of marriage. The study found that women ages 15-44 were 20% likely to get divorced in the first five years. And that 49% of cohabitations were over in that time.

Moving in before marriage statistics also show that 64% of women have cohabitated at some point in their lives, according to Psychology Today. And the odds of divorce for couples that live together first is 1.31 times more likely.

While the idea of a test run seems like a good idea, the first step you need to decide is what is the next one. Is marriage in the works? You both need to be on the same page.

But if you are, the benefits to living together in New Mexico are good. You now have someone to come home to that can make dinner and surprise you.


Going out to diner with someone or watching a TV show every night is one thing. Finding their hair in the sink and toothpaste all over the bowl is another.

There are so many surprises to find when you are living with a partner before marriage.

Let’s take a look at some of the positive things first. It’s nice to have someone pay half the rent. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 38% of people who cohabitate say it made sense financially. And 44% of people say living together is a step toward marriage.

Another big benefit of living with someone is you get to see what they are like before you decide if you want to marry them.

For instance, you might not know they stay up playing video games late with their friends online and you have to get up for work early. Or that they spend an hour in the shower each day and that now makes you late for everything.

There are cons to living together before marriage. And one big thing to address first is finances. You don’t know how many credit cards the other person may have, and if they are able to make those payments.

But if you are getting engaged, the study shows that 63% of those living together saw that as a step toward marriage.

So, there is lot to talk about with the person you will see each day in the bathroom, if you can get in.


This is the one question you will ask yourself over the next few months. Your family and friends will all give you advice, and their own story of what happened to them.

You can listen to some of it, but this is your time to make a life decision.

If you decide to take the step of moving in together, sit and talk about what each of you see over the next few years. If you are not on the same page, this is a giant red flag. Remember, half of these living situations are over in the first five years. And if that happens, you will never get your Paula Cole CD back, or your “Dawson’s Creek” collection.

So, what is the right move? There is no good answer to that without doing your research and talking to the person you want to move in with.

If you do decide this is the right move, then hire a great New Mexico moving team to get you started off right. This way there will be no fighting as you slide into that first night together in your new home.

Here are a few other things to consider. Your relationship may depend on this.

One of the first things to do is make sure you want to move in together and not that you have to. You should decide who will do the cooking, cleaning and on what days. Also, who will be paying the bills.

Once you move in with your partner there is nowhere to hide, according to Psychology Today.

When you went out to dinner before, you might have only eaten a salad. Now, you are eating an entire bag of Doritos on the couch. The hardest part of living with someone is letting them see who you are. You need to be yourself.

If you have anxiety each day your partner will see this. Also, ask yourself what you are like to live with. Your partner is not perfect, and neither are you.

You must all consider “me time.” While it may be fun to do all things together, remember that you need time to yourself. You both must respect that.

According to, one of the most important things to address is communication. Do more of this. They also recommend maintaining your independence. But one of the most important things is that you are honest about being on the same page.


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