There is a point in New Mexico where you can see forever.

At least that’s what it looks like.

The mountain range meets the desert in a stunning landscape filled with colorful rock and cactus.

There is a reason they call this the Land of Enchantment and people continue to flock here.

For those making the move to this area, researching top Las Cruces movers is a must.

But so is looking at adding solar to your new home.

New Mexico is an area with 300 days of sun. So, why not take advantage of that and lower your electricity bills each month

The solar industry is hot right now in the United States. Businesses are adding them to be off the grid for electricity. There are even companies in the San Francisco area that have crated glass windows for skyscrapers that capture energy for the whole building.

Not only can you lower your electric bill with solar, but you can reduce your carbon footprint.

The drive that is pushing solar recently is the cost has dipped tremendously to install this technology in your home.

Here is a look at some tips to see if installing solar in your home is worth the cost:


For anyone looking to install solar panels New Mexico on the roof of their home or in their yard, it costs about $12,000 for the system, according to

You can find cheaper systems for about $5,000 and ones that will cost about $40,000.

So, what is right for you?

Well, the mid-range system is what most people will go for.

But when do you buy?

Since you are making the move to the Las Cruces area now, this is the time.

The federal solar tax credit is good for 26% of the cost of the project.

But next year that credit dips to 22%.

Some states also have a credit for installing solar.


With so much sun in New Mexico, it makes sense to use that to your advantage. Not only will you save money over time, but the panels themselves will add value to your home.

Most Americans need about 30 panels to supply all the energy they will need. Most are 5.5 feet by 3 feet. So, consider the space you need and the size of your roof or yard.

Things to consider before installing solar is your length you plan to stay in the area, your financial situation and your location.


The good thing about New Mexico and solar is that the state has one of the lower cost per kilowatt hour at $2.44. Cost in New York is $2.86 and California $2.68.

Before the tax credit, the average cost for solar in New Mexico is $16,680. With the credit, the average savings is $4,337.

So, should you make the jump to solar? When is the best time to install solar panels?

Know that it takes about 9 to 12 years for solar panel to pay for itself. So the best time to install solar panels…was yesterday.

Different Wattages of Solar Panels

There are many different brands and types of solar panels you can get. Let’s go over the basics and list popular solar panels wattages and the amount of power they can produce in regard to a 12V battery.

25w Solar Panel: 2 amps of power  

65w Solar Panel: 5.4 amps of power

115w Solar Panel: 9.5 amps of power

260w Solar Panel:  21 amps of power

285w Solar Panel: 23.75 amps of power

295w Solar Panel: 24.6 amps of power

530w Solar Panel: 44 amps of power

It takes anywhere from 100 to 200 amps of power to run a small house.


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