Tips for a Stress-Free Move: Stay on Track with Las Cruces Moving & Storage’s Military Move Checklist

You’ve gotten your orders to move to Las Cruces, New Mexico. It’s an exciting, but also challenging, time. Follow these tips and enjoy a stress-free military move:

  • Your first move should be hiring trusted military movers like Las Cruces Moving & Storage. Whether you’re moving to Holloman Air Force Base or moving to Cannon Air Force Base, Las Cruces Moving is among the New Mexico military movers with the expertise to set your family up for success in its new home.
  • Start collecting paperwork – You know how Uncle Sam loves paperwork. You’re going to need your documents more often than you could imagine, so keep them handy and organized. Pick up a binder with clear plastic sleeves to hold and display copies of your orders, as well as your family’s birth certificates, Social Security cards, mortgage documents and rental agreements. Start putting this together as soon as your family gets orders for a Permanent Change of Station.
  • It’s picture time – Speaking of documentation, be sure to inventory your most cherished belongings. Spend an hour walking around your home taking pictures of your family’s treasures, in case there’s a problem and you need evidence for the insurance company. Taking a picture of the back of your TV may help you remember which cords go where after the move.
  • Downsize and purge – Every household gains weight between moves. This is the time to stop adding and start subtracting. The lighter you travel, the easier your move will be. Declutter by collecting items to be placed in a yard sale or dropped off at a thrift store. Rule of thumb: If you haven’t used something since your last move – among military families, that’s 2.5 years on average – you don’t need it.
  • Create a checklist – One important document is one you create yourself: A checklist. Use a standard PCS packing list to guide you during this part of the process. Heed its reminders to keep extra cash on hand, as well as a first aid kit, hand sanitizer and the kids’ favorite toys.
  • Pack a “first day” box – Fill a bin with drinks, snacks, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and cleaning products, and keep it handy. (With you, not in the moving truck.) You’ll need these items during your first day in your new home. Don’t worry about pots or pans or dishes – order takeout.
  • Devise a labeling system – Buy colored stickers and mark boxes using a color-coded system: Boxes with blue stickers go to the kitchen, green stickers to the master bathroom, etc. This will help your movers place boxes correctly, and will reduce your workload once the moving crew has done its job.
  • Involve the kids – A move can be stressful for children. Find the fun in your PCS move by asking the kids to help. Let them choose which toys and clothes to donate. Turn the move into a road trip adventure. And once you’re in your new home, have them race to see who can put away the most boxes.
  • Get to know your new base – Once you’re semi-settled, it’ll be time to learn about your new city and your new base. Each military branch offers in-depth base guides for you to explore. Acquaint yourself with your new surroundings and enjoy your new home!

You know who else can help you prepare for a PCS move in New Mexico? Trusted movers like Las Cruces Moving & Storage. Give us a call at 800-527-6821 for your free moving quote.

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