What should I Know if I’m Moving to a Colder Climate?

If you’re moving from a state without much cold weather to a location with snow, ice and windchill, you may not know exactly what winters will be like. Though you may be apprehensive about experiencing your first true winter, adjusting to your new colder climate will be easier than you think. Check out these cold-weather tips for newbies!

What should I do before I move?

Somewhere between calling a professional moving company and getting in your car for your long distance move, you should research what the weather really is where you’re going. Look up your destination on Wikipedia or Weather.com to find out the highs and lows in summer and winter. You might consider going on social media too–follow a news station in your upcoming location and pay attention to any weather stories, and join a local group on Facebook to get an idea of what life will be like when the cold weather hits. If you’re moving far, make sure you have an agent that can move state-to-state like us! Because we are an agent for National Van Lines, you can count on us!

Have a garage sale

When you’ve done your homework about what the winter weather is at your new home, take a look at what you own and figure out if you need to update your wardrobe. If you’re in tees and shorts year round, it’s probably time to get rid of some of those items. A garage sale is an economical way of downsizing your summer wardrobe while putting a few bucks in your pocket to buy some warmer clothes later on.

Online shop til you drop

You most likely do not have a proper winter wardrobe if you’re moving to a cold-weather climate. If you’re moving in the winter, you’re going to need some basics ASAP so you don’t freeze when you walk from your car to your new front door. You’re going to need a winter coat, boots, gloves and hat right out of the gate. You can fill in the rest of your wardrobe once you get to your new home.

If you’re moving to a cold-weather area before it gets all that cold, you can take advantage of some out-of-season online sales. Check out the clearance pages for warm clothes and accessories–since most people aren’t really looking to buy a pair of mittens in July, you can save a lot of money with close-out sales! Pack those things away as you obtain them and bring them out at your new home, when it is actually mitten-season.

What should I be ready for after I move?

When the reputable movers drop your items off is when you will really get to know Old Man Winter! Clothes that will keep you warm is only part of the equation. Think about your home as well–you will probably need a snow shovel, salt for any outside spaces or even a snow blower if you have a driveway. Buy these things at your new location, well before you will need them! You will need to prepare your vehicle for winter too, have an ice scraper and snow brush in your car, as well as an emergency kit with a blanket and flares, just in case. Some people swear by having a remote start on their cars for the winter, so you may want to research that too.

While dealing with your first real winter can be startling, remember there’s some upsides to having cold weather too. No lawnmowing in the winter–grass doesn’t grow in the cold. No bugs–mosquitos and other pests die with the first frost. There are many outdoor activities you can do in the winter too– sledding, ice skating, skiing or perhaps developing a snow fort or snowman, just remember to dress accordingly. It will take a while to acclimate to your new place, for sure. But once you get ready for the winter and see spring again, you will be an old pro! Just remember the tips we’ve given here for your cross country move, and bundle up!  Wherever you’re moving to, Las Cruces Moving & Storage will ensure you have all the aid you need for your next adventure.

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